Leaders In Sustainability

We're serious about sustainability and strive to continually protect and provide for our planet. Since 2007, we've been a leader in implementing the pre and post-consumer food waste programs.

This has allowed us be a leader and serve as a valuable model for other institutions, including restaurants and grocery stores in Johnson County. Below are some of the many ways we make a commitment to sustainability. 


Our food pulpers reclaim and save 2.25 million gallons of water per year.


We work with over 20 local Iowa farmers, orchardists, growers, and vendors to purchase local foods to provide fresher, better-tasting foods and limit our environmental impact by reducing transportation distance. Additionally, the majority of our dairy products are produced locally (within a 250 mile radius). 

Our vendors include: 

Our market places are trayless to decrease food waste, water, and energy usage. 

We compost approximately 450,000 pounds of food scraps per year.