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Eat Well. Live Well.

All of our market places offer a great variety of nutritious choices for you to choose from. Ensure that half of your plate is fruits and vegetables, a quarter whole grains and a quarter lean protein (such as chicken or eggs). Look for our UChoose icon on our menu items. The UChoose program is active campus-wide, so you’ll see the UChoose apple icons in all market places as well as at Campus Cafés and C-Stores across campus. This icon means food items are a nutritious choice because they have been analyzed to meet the following criteria: low calories, low sodium, and low fat and zero trans-fat. Check out our dining blog for more information about eating well. 

Special Diets

We want to ensure everyone dining with us has a safe experience. There are several options available for those with food allergies or other dietary requests. A registered dietitian is available for consultations with students who have dietary concerns. Additionally, the University of Iowa works to inform those with dietary needs in a variety of ways. Learn more about special diets and managing dietary requests. 

What can we do for you?

Our staff can help you navigate the market places to determine which foods best fit your lifestyle and diet. Learn more about how our team can assist you in and your dietary needs. 

Allergy & Nutrition Badges

At the University of Iowa, we try to make eating in our market places as simple as possible for students with allergies or dietary restrictions. Using our line signs, students are able to see which food items contain shellfish, wheat, gluten, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, and soy, as well as items that are vegetarian and vegan. In the fall of 2018, University Dining opened Thrive, the first allergy free station located in Burge Market Place. This station is void of gluten plus the top eight food allergies (fish, shellfish, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and milk).

Additionally, students will be able to utilize NetNutrition for other allergies and dietary restrictions. 

Allergen Icons

Meet Laura Croteau, RD, LD

A registered dietitian and nutrition enthusiast, Laura has worked at the University of Iowa since June of 2015. Laura is able to help students with food allergies (and other dietary requests), weight management, and general nutrition education. She participates in monthly tabling events in Burge, Catlett and Hillcrest Market Places. Her training includes a certificate in weight management and a master train for Allertrain by MenuTrinfo, LLC. Laura is located in Burge Residence Hall. Contact Laura with University of Iowa Dining (319) 353-2299 or


NetNutrition is an online tool that will be available for you to use to view menu allergens and nutrition information for items served in all of our Market Places. By using NetNutrition, you can filter by dining location, allergens, and other preferences such as vegan and vegetarian options. This program can help you make more informed choices while dining with us. 

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Summer Camp Nutrition Information

University of Iowa Housing and Dining is excited to host summer camps for students, but we understand that it presents challenges for both parents and their children. Whether it is a specific allergy or your child's diet that concerns you, we are able to accommodate! Nutrition and allergy information is available for both market place locations online, but further questions should be directed to Laura Croteau, RD, LD several weeks before the summer camp or program begins.

We Want to Hear From You

University of Iowa Housing & Dining continually strives to improve our dietary needs accommodations. In order to improve our processes, we encourage you to take the survey below. All information collected in this survey is confidential. 

Special Dietary Needs Survey


Housing & Dining at the University of Iowa cannot guarantee the accuracy of nutrition information. Nutrition and ingredient information may vary due to product substitutions and formulation by the manufacturer prior to product purchase by the University of Iowa. Additionally, cross contamination and other variables are beyond the University’s control. Individuals with food-related dietary concerns should be aware of this risk and understand that University Housing & Dining does not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items with which one may come into contact while eating at any UI dining location.