What is a Flex Swipe?

A flex swipe offers you the ability to use a meal swipe at one of our eight on-campus retail locations or at market places once you have used all of your market place swipes. If you purchased the Black or Gold meal plan, you automatically have 75 Flex swipes included. We take flex swipes in select dining locations.

Please note: Flex swipes cannot be used as guest meals in the market places.

How Do I Check My Meal Plan Balance?

You can check your meal plan balance by logging your account with your Hawk ID and password online. Your account will show you the following information: your balance, number of flex swipes you have, and your guest meal balance. 

I Don't Live On Campus. How Do I Purchase an Off-Campus Meal Plan?

Any student living off-campus has the opportunity to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans give you access to our three market place locations and all of our retail and cafe locations on campus. You can purchase a meal plan online.

How Do I Obtain a Sick Meal?

If you're not feeling well enough to dine in the market place, you may arrange for your RA or a friend to pick up a meal for you. Simply give that individual your IowaOne card. They can then obtain a to-go container from the market place staff, make your selections, and bring your food back to your room.

What Should I Do If I Lose My University ID Card?

A valid University ID card is required to use your meal swipes at all locations accepting meal swipes. If you happen to lose your ID card, you should reach out to the University ID office.