Allergy and Nutrition Icons

At the University of Iowa, we try to make eating in our market places as simple as possible for students with allergies or dietary restrictions. Using our line signs, you are able to see which food items contain shellfish, wheat, gluten, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, soy, sesame, alcohol, and pork, as well as items that are vegetarian and vegan.

Additionally, when a manufacturer identifies potential allergens of an item due to cross-contact in the manufacturing process, you will be able to see this information on a line sign using the following icons may contain shellfish, may contain wheat, may contain gluten, may contain milk, may contain peanuts, may contain tree nuts, may contain eggs, may contain fish, may contain soy, may contain sesame, may contain alcohol, and may contain pork.

List of allergens



Nutrislice is an online program for you to use to view menu allergens and nutrition information for items served in all of our market places. By using Nutrislice, you can filter by allergens and other preferences, such as vegan and vegetarian options. This program can help you make more informed choices while dining with us.