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Comment from Quy on September 18, 2012.

New food please! More variety! Burge is way better! I should know because i lived there last semester!

Response from Fred Kurt, Hillcrest Market Place Manager.

Hi Quy,

There are definitely some differences in the two Market Places, the main difference is that The Burge Market Place has more service stations and therefore you will find that they do have more options on a regular basis especially during lunch in which they have all the stations open to alleviate the lines the best possible. However we have the same menu, use the same recipes and order the same products from the same supplier. We do value and appreciate your input and would encourage you to get involved in our Dining Advisory Committee which is a liaison between student customers and University Dining management to assist in reviewing general operations including quality of food and service, menus, hours of operation, and operating policies. If you are interested we meet next Tuesday September 25th @ 7PM in the Hillcrest Private Dining Room. We meet on a monthly basis so it is not a big time commitment.

Thanks for your input & have a great day!


Comment from Greer on September 17, 2012

I am a vegetarian and when I was considering wether or not to purchase a meal plan based on this, I was told there were several vegetarian plans in both dining halls. This does not seem to be the case in Hillcrest. There is a small table in the middle that often has very healthy vegan options that is only occasionally open for service.

In Burge they do often have vegetarian food and once they had an entire vegetarian buffet. An employee asked why they do not have it more often and another employee insisted to her that it is there on a regular basis. I have not seen it since and that was a few weeks ago. Does it come regularly? If not, why not?

The soups, like a lot of the food you have looks very good but everytime I ask employees if there is meat in the soups they do not know. This happens with a variety of other items, too (mashed potatoes, etc.) Vegan, gluten free, nuts, and "healthy options" are labeled and I was wondering why vegetarian options were left out, since in Burge you clearly make an effort to have them every day and at every meal. According to some surveys, 8% of college students identify as vegetarian while less than 1% identify as vegan.

I would greatly appreciate it if there were more vegetarian options in Hillcrest and if the vegetarian meals were labeled.

Thanks for your help!

Response from Fred Kurt, Hillcrest Market Place Manager.

I hope your semester is going well. I think that you will find that we do have many vegetarian options in both Market Places even though we don't label them specifically. We feel that the vegetarian options are typically easier to identify unlike the vegan, gluten free, nut allergy or healthy UChoose item. There are definitely some differences in the two Market Places. The Burge Market Place has more service stations and therefore you will find that they do have more options on a regular basis. The majority of these options are going to be during lunch at Burge because they have extra stations open to alleviate the lines during the busy lunch period. You are correct that Burge serves a wide variety of vegetarian items every Tuesday at the Fresh station. If you are curious about which soups are vegetarian, I would recommend that you contact me.

Thanks for your inquiry & have a great day!


Comment from Heidi on September 13, 2012

I love the food at Hillcrest and all of the selections and know that it is hard to tend to every students wants and needs, but I think it would be lovely if nonfat yogurt could be added to the buffet. Eating fatty foods (even lowfat yogurt) upsets my stomach, but it is important that I eat a good amount of protein first thing in the morning. There are other ways that I can get protein, but yogurt is one of my favorite food. Really, the taste difference between lowfat and nonfat can hardly be sensed, so I'm sure students will enjoy it just as much and will take in a few less grams of saturated fat as well.

Response from Fred Kurt, Hillcrest Market Place Manager

Hello Heidi,

We appreciate you positive feedback and are glad you're enjoying the food at Hillcrest. I am sorry that it took me a bit to get back to you as I was checking with our supplier if they carried a non-fat yogurt in a large container that would meet our needs. We put our dairy products out for bid on a regular basis to get the best prices possible and I was told by our supplier they don't have non-fat yogurt in the 5lb tubs. I hope your semester is going well as I am sure you are keeping busy with classes by now. If you would like to get involved on campus, I am the leader of a Dining Advisory Committee which meets once a month in regards to any issues related to campus dining. We would appreciate your participation if you have time.

Have a great day,


Comment from Scott on September 14, 2012

To whom this may concern,

As a second year Resident Assistant, I have had countless number of C-store meals to go and Burge grab and go meals, but it came to my attention that the quality of the "C-Store" sandwiches are sub-par to mediocre at best. Various fatty or hard pieces of "chicken" in the chicken salad sandwich, or better yet, the new turkey sandwiches that feature a hard shell around the meat.

The closing of the burge grab and go truly limited the number of options available. I have one simple request that the IMU or whoever makes these god awful sandwiches, considers making a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

PB&J is a timeless sandwich that requires minimal to no work, when comparing it to others.

I am sure that this message will resonate with anyone who has actually tried some of these sandwiches.

Thank you and I appreciate your time.


Scott Russell

Response from Bob James, Assistant Director for Retail Operations


I am sorry about your experiences with the C-store sandwiches. I am passing this information along to our Chefs so that they can look into the current product we are using for these sandwiches. As far as PB&J sandwiches go, we will also give that some consideration. You are correct, they are timeless.

Bob James

Assistant Director Retail Operations