Market Place Meal Tickets

Conference guests, staff, or individuals who don’t have a meal plan are eligible to purchase meal tickets to be used in all market places.  When placing the order, enter the MFK and an accounting entry will be automatically made. In the system, MFK’s and ticket orders can be named or identified by a specific event, camp, or conference name so they can be reused at a later date.  Meal ticket costs are $7.50 for breakfast, $10.50 for lunch and dinner.

Meal tickets should be ordered at least three business days in advance. The person placing the order will be contacted by email when the meal tickets are available for pick up (in person).  Meal tickets cannot be sent through campus mail as they are negotiable.  Tickets may be picked up at the University Housing & Dining administrative office at 4141 Burge, from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Guests should present the ticket before entering the market place.

Any unused meal tickets can be turned back into University Housing & Dining, 4141 Burge, for credit up until 5:00 p.m., May, 10, 2019. When returning tickets for credit, include the form provided with the tickets. Please list number of tickets being returned for each meal (ex: 10 breakfast, 16 lunch/dinner, etc.) and indicate the Master File Key to be credited on the return form.  This information is required to receive a credit.

Order Meal Tickets