Tropical Smoothie Concept Change

As some of you are aware, and for those that are not, the franchise agreement between the university and Tropical Smoothie expires May 20, 2015. We will not be renewing this agreement. UH&D will be self-branding with a new smoothie, salad and sandwich concept based on the recommendations of our customers.

This change allows us to be more flexible with selling the types of food and beverages that active people in the CRWC want. 

Never fear, smoothies ARE still going to be the major influence at the new location. You will see name changes for the smoothies, but the ingredients will remain very much the same. We will continue to serve some of the popular sandwiches.

Healthier options, such as fruit cups, veggie cups, entrée salads and parfaits will be added to the menu. As the times and trends change we will be able to include other additions to the menu as suggested by our customers. The flexibility we will gain with the menu will allow the new concept to be very consumer friendly.

New Name!

Join the fun and help us create a new name for the current Tropical Smoothie!

The first round of our contest will be held February 16-20, 2015. During this round, we will be collecting name ideas at CRWC and online. Once all of the name submissions are collected, the top three will be chosen by a panel from University Housing & Dining and then proceed into another round of general voting.

The second round of general voting will begin March 2, 2015. During this final round, we will once again accept votes in person and online. The name that receives the most votes will become the new name for the retail location.


Prizes will be awarded to the three finalists, with the 2nd and 3rd place vote getters receiving a punch card for two free sandwiches every month of the 2015-2016 academic year.

The grand prize winner will receive a punch card for four free sandwiches every month of the 2015-2016 academic year, and have their suggestion used as the name for the new concept.

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