What you can get for a Retail Swipe.

The Mayflower Market accepts retail swipes during 7am - 7:30pm Monday - Friday offering two options. Option 1 allows a student to choose 1 entree, 2 sides, and 1 beverage. Option 2 allows a student to choose a larger entree and 1 beverage.

Option 1

Choose 1 EntreeChoose 2 SidesChoose 1 Beverage
Deli SandwichOreo pack20oz Coke soft drink
Hot Pocket Single (not in box)Grandma CookieDasani water
Banquet Pot PieFruit or Chips12oz Milk

Option 2

Choose 1 EntreeChoose 1 Beverage
Digiorno Pizza20oz Coke soft drink
Stouffer LasagnaDasani water
Stouffer Mac & Cheese12oz Milk