Night at the Ballpark Wrap Up

Last week University Dining saw huge success on the mound during Night at the Ballpark Theme Meal. The food was a hit, especially those soft pretzels which gained plenty of attention from the stands. No matter your team, the event was a win for everyone. Some even had the chance to take a hit at ‘Ballpark Plinko’ for a sweet treat. That wraps up our theme meals for the year; we’ll see you next season.

Taste, Don’t Waste

Composting 465,027 pounds of food in 2016 was a beautiful accomplishment for the University, but composting does not solve every food waste issue. The amount of time, money, energy, water, and other resources dumped into food production go to waste when food goes uneaten. There needs to be a culture shift in how Hawkeyes view food. When dining halls are all-you-can eat style and plates full of food disappear through a metal window, taking too much and not finishing everything is all too easy. The “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” concept causes us to feel okay about wasting food. University Dining is launching the “Taste, Don’t Waste” campaign to address this issue.

Lantern Festival 2017 Wrap Up

Lantern Festival was a success, and that’s no luck! On February 8th, the market places kicked off the evening with a celebration of the Chinese New Year. Our chefs worked hard to bring forth a traditional holiday meal to honor the year of the rooster with popular dumplings and delicious tang yuan rice balls. If you were one to have luck in your favor, there was even a chance to catch a performance by the UI Breakers dance club as well! Dinner and a show? Absolutely. Check out more pictures here!


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