Meal Plan Overview

What Is a Meal Plan and How Does It Work?

A meal plan is a pre-set number of meals which you purchase in advance for an academic semester at a discount off of the walk-in price. With your meal plan, you will be free to eat when and where you want, with some limitations, throughout the semester.

A meal plan is required for all first-year students living on campus, as well as returning residence hall students not living in a room with a University-supplied kitchen. 

You will utilize these meals by presenting your Iowa One card to a cashier who will ‘swipe’ it at the register. This swiping action deducts one meal from your balance and is called a “swipe”. The two types of swipes offered in our meal plans are Market Place meals and Flex meals.

Market Place meals—usable only at our all-you-care-to-eat Burge Market Place and Hillcrest Market Place

Flex meals—usable at both Market Places AND at 5 retail locations: River Room Café,  Food for Thought Café,  Pat’s Diner, Mayflower Market, and Clinton Street Market.

When eating at a Market Place, your card will be swiped at the location’s entrance. When dining at one of the five designated retail locations, your card will be swiped as payment during checkout. Look for the signs posted at each of these retail locations to learn what items are available for purchase using a Flex meal.

Summer Housing & Meal Plan Rates

Check Your Meal Plan Balance

Meal Plan Options

The meal plans offered for the 2015-16 school year are:

Meal Plan Name Market Place Meals Flex Meals Guest Meals Cost per Semester
Gold Unlimited 75 8 $1,740.00
Black 145 75 8 $1,570.00
Hawkeye - 75 - $700.00
Herky Booster Pack - 25 - $235.00

All residence hall students in rooms without a kitchen must select either the Gold or Black plan. Residence hall students in rooms with a University-supplied kitchen may also select the Hawkeye plan.

Purchase a Meal Plan

Guest Meals

All Gold and Black meal plans include 8 additional guest meals per semester. You can use these meals to treat a friend to a meal in either Burge or Hillcrest Market Places. Unused guest meals expire at the end of each semester.

Walk-in Pricing

Our walk-in pricing can be found on the Walk-in pricing page.

Hawkeye Dollars

Hawkeye Dollars are funds – available to you with your room contract – that may be used at all of our campus dining locations,  laundry services, and at vending machines in the residence halls. For more information, go to our Hawkeye dollars overview page. You can also check your Hawkeye dollar balance.