What Is a Meal Plan and How Does It Work?

A meal plan is a pre-set number of meals which you purchase in advance for an academic semester at a discount off of the walk-in price. With your meal plan, you will be free to eat when and where you want, with some limitations, throughout the semester. A meal plan is required for all first-year students living on campus, as well as returning residence hall students not living in a room with a University-supplied kitchen. 

You will utilize these meals by presenting your Iowa One card to a cashier who will swipe it at the register. This swiping action deducts one meal from your balance and is called a swipe. The two types of swipes offered in our meal plans are Market Place meals and Flex meals.

Market Place meals—available only at our all-you-care-to-eat Burge Market Place and Hillcrest Market Place

Flex meals—available at both Market Places and at five retail locations: River Room Café,  Food for Thought Café,  Pat’s Diner, Mayflower Market, and Clinton Street Market.

Check Your Meal Plan Balance

Meal Plan Options

The meal plans offered for the 2015-16 school year are:

Meal Plan Name Market Place Meals Flex Meals Guest Meals Cost per Semester
Gold Unlimited 75 8 $1,740.00
Black 145 75 8 $1,570.00
Hawkeye - 75 - $700.00
Herky Booster Pack - 25 - $235.00

All residence hall students in rooms without a kitchen must select either the Gold or Black plan. Residence hall students in rooms with a University-supplied kitchen may also select the Hawkeye plan.

Purchase a Meal Plan

Guest Meals

All Gold and Black meal plans include 8 additional guest meals per semester. You can use these meals to treat a friend to a meal in either Burge or Hillcrest Market Places. Unused guest meals expire at the end of each semester.

Walk-in Pricing

For those customers without a meal plan contract, Burge and Hillcrest Market Places accept the follow forms of tender: UI Charge, Hawkeye Dollars, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Breakfast: $7
Lunch & Dinner $10

Hawkeye Dollars

Hawkeye Dollars are funds – available to you with your room contract – that may be used at all of our campus dining locations,  laundry services, and at vending machines in the residence halls. You will receive $100 Hawkeye Dollars added to your account at the beginning of each semester you live in the residence halls.